Rich Collectors Club

RCC is an exclusive collection of 3333 NFTs, gathering unique minds from all over the crypto and NFT industries. Its primary purpose is to create a brand, change people’s mindsets. RCC will have as the main priority to build up a brand and an ecosystem for its NFT holders, which will have exclusive access to all their features.

The Rich Collectors Club is different !

In addition to creating opportunities for holders to earn, RCC aims to change its entire mindset about wealth. With RCC, holders of the NFT will have the chance to earn passive income by simply holding the NFT and numerous other options with the community. RCC NFTs will not only be available as exclusive PFP but will be integrated into Metaverse. An RCC member will enjoy an exclusive, luxurious club experience and an entire brand to add to that. RCC’s main priority is its establishment not only as a blue-chip but as an exclusive brand in the first place and setting high standards for its holders. As mentioned earlier, RCC will build up a whole ecosystem for its holders, meaning that along with the best art that the holders will receive, they will get an entry ticket to the ecosystem.

Rich Collectors Club Brand

Maison clothing, owned by RCC, will be available in the first place for RCC NFT holders. RCC clothing will be a part of the NFT collection. In this way, the RCC Maison Clothing Brand will be imprinted on the Solana Blockchain forever. It will open a new era for designers in the Meta world. Moreover, holders will be the first ones to have the opportunity to own RCC fabrics.



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