RCC builds up around itself a whole ecosystem for its holders.

Along with the top-notch art, RCC launches its token which will be used to power up the ecosystem. RCC NFTs will be just an entry ticket to Personalised Augmented Reality NFTs, Rich Collectors Bank, RCC Launchpad, Maison Clothing, RCC Mobile App, and many more cool features. 

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the next big step that RCC will undertake to create more opportunities for the holders to explore their NFTs abilities. AR will be powered up by the $NUT Token, which will open more features in the AR world. All RCC NFTs will become available in full size from the extension of your phone. Augmented Reality personalised NFTs will become the start of the RCC project in the augmented reality world. 

$NUT Coin

$NUT token will be the currency that will power up the RCC ecosystem. It will be airdropped to the holders of the RCC NFT. At the first airdrop, it will not matter what type of RCC NFT you hold, 1 Common = 1 Legendary. In this way, there will be an initiative to hold no matter what. Afterward, coins will be earned in many different ways within the community. Moreover, a percentage of royalties will be used to buy and burn $NUT to increase its value. RCC NFRs will have the possibility to be exchanged for $NUT tokens, which will create liquidity