Taking over Solana

Phase 1


3333 RCC NFTs get dropped on the Solana Blockchain.

One of the main priorities of the team will be a smooth launch. It will ensure that RRC's top-notch art gets to its holders.


The public gets access to the Rarity Chart. The team will focus on listing on large rarity servers. This will be followed by the implementation of rarity bots on Discord. 

Secondary Markets

RCC NFTs collection establishment on secondary markets and presenting the first RCC Clothing stock publicly along with more brand marketing campaigns!

Virtual Show-Room

Virtual reality showrooms will become a part of the website. Their holders will have the possibility to visualise the main characters in full size. On top of that, the showrooms will be the place where the RCC Maison will release all its clothing along with exclusive pieces of accessories.

Phase 2

Grand Opening

Implementation of a verification protocol for Collectors on Discord and on the website. Rich Collectors Club will become open on Discord and exclusive features will become available for the Collectors on the website.

Collector Hunt

Two main Factions of Collectors will open its doors to the public. Holders would have the ability to choose which one they want to enter. Entering one faction is possible through possession of one RCC NFT, meaning that all two factions will be available to the holders of 2 RCC NFT’s. Each faction will have a specific domain in which collectors will have the opportunity to work, drop their ideas, and earn together. Collectors who will make the most substantial impact in each faction will be awarded weekly with generous prizes. The Richest Collector from each faction will be selected through a weekly vote.

Rich Collectors Bank

RCB will be supported from royalties that will be deployed back in the community to the holders throughout different types of activities. Along with that royalties will be used for building up a stronger community, further implementation of the roadmap, and marketing.

First Drop “Inheritors”

RCC Holders will obtain exclusive features in the first drop. A premium NFT trait design will be performed to represent the future RCC clothing line, which will grant its holder a chance of acquiring an exclusive free RCC branded Hoodie. The same opportunity will become available for holders of 5 or more RCC NFTs, establishing the product's exclusivity among the community. The rest of the holders will enjoy a lower price for the fabrics, along with an entry ticket to a brand RCC giveaway.

$NUT Coin

$NUT token will be the currency that will power up the RCC ecosystem. It will be airdropped to the holders of the RCC NFT. At the first airdrop, it will not matter what type of RCC NFT you hold, 1 Common = 1 Legendary. In this way, there will be an initiative to hold no matter what. Afterward, coins will be earned in many different ways within the community. Moreover, a percentage of royalties will be used to buy and burn $NUT to increase its value. RCC NFRs will have the possibility to be exchanged for $NUT tokens, which will create liquidity

Phase 3

Collectors of the Month

Every month, RCC Bank funds will be disposed of to the faction which performed the best in that month. Monthly the faction that performed the best will be selected by the DAO along with the core Collectors. Deployed funds will go on the development of the objective that the winning faction votes to choose. Those can be project  investments of any kind or any ideas that will benefit the RCC community.

Start of the Staking Program

Collectors will enjoy the opportunity of staking their tokens, in this way offering them more liquidity solutions and more opportunities to earn. RCC plans on exclusive partnerships that will allow for more potential growth and return for Collectors.

Meta Collectors

RwCC  integration  in  the  Metaverse  is  one  of  the  main  priorities  for  the  team.  Partnerships discussions  started  with  existing  and  upcoming Metaverse  projects,  which  will  allow integration of the  top-notch RCC art  in them.

Augmented Reality

Exclusive access through the website to augmented reality will become available to the holders of RCC NFTs. All RCC NFTs will become available in full size from the extension of your phone. Augmented Reality personalised NFTs will become the start of the RCC project in the augmented reality world.

Second Drop “Connoisseur”

The  second  Clothing  drop  will  have  the  same  privileges  as  the  first  one,  meaning  that both  holders  of  the  NFTs,  which  have  the  exclusive  representation  of  the  exclusive traits,  will  get  one  free  NFTs  along  with  the  significant  Collectors.  The  latter  holds  five or  more  RCC  NFTs.The  rest  of  the  holders  will  enjoy  a  lower  price  for  the  fabrics,  along with an entry ticket  to a  brand RCC giveaway. 

Roadmap 2.0

*Integration in the Metaverse

*P2E Game

*RCC Launchpad
*RCC Mobile App

*Exclusive NFT artwork drop to the Collectors